96817 Markal Valve Action Paint Marker.PURPLE.3mm.


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Markal Valve Action Paint Marker.PURPLE.3mm.min.12 pcs - (Similar to old Nissen Feltip Paint Marker)

Features & Benefits
• 14 standard and 4 fluorescent
colors for improved mark
identification, quality control,
and parts inspection
• Fast-drying, permanent paint
for immediate handling, reduces
work downtime
• Xylene-free paint reduces user
health risks and eliminates
California Proposition 65, EPA
HAPS and SARA 313 concerns
in the U.S.A.
• Dura-Nib medium bullet tip resists
wear to provide long marking life
• Durable metal barrel and clip-cap
reduce breakage and store easily
in pocket
• Marking range: -46°C to 66°C
(-50°F to 150°F)

Industry Uses
Industrial manufacturing
Automotive and other transportation
Automotive assembly
Metal fabrication
Shipping supply
Aviation and aerospace

Surface Uses
Steel and iron
Pipes and tubes
Rubber and tires
Cloth, fabric (textiles)